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Kirby Wiseman and Daniel Teng


We have a passion to help local gospel workers who are helping those in need. In my travels, I have met gospel workers who are laying down their lives to help others.  In Lebanon, Rania, a co-partner in the ministry is working full time to reach the Druze and Syrians for Christ.   She is a Druze convert to Christ and has a burning desire to see her fellow neighbors come to know Him.  She is the leader of Wise Solution of New Generations Lebanon.

Esther is part of Paul Ai's ministry in Cambodia.  They operate a refugee center for the Vietnamese boat people living in Cambodia. They provide a school for the kids where they teach them about the love of God. Due to the political situation, the Vietnamese boat people are forbidden to go to school in Cambodia.  Paul Ai operates a Refuge School called Light House to help these kids.   

Brother Jurry is a Liberian national who works with the youth in his village and surrounding villages.   He operates sports camps in the effort to reach to youth in the Name of Christ. He is a pastor of local congregation and holds evangelists meetings.  They are in need of Bibles.

Timothy is a local gospel worker in Myanmar.  Due to the political situation it has become very dangerous to post any information about him but he leads 3 gospel teams in his area.  Support is now hand delivered through travelers to his country. 

I realized these individuals are living and ministering with very little financial support, I decided to start Wise Solution Ministries in an effort to help them financially as they reach their local neighbors for Christ. In a day and age where donation money is being used unwisely, our ministry doesn't keep any donation money but we give 100% of donations to those who need it overseas.



-To glorify Jesus Christ by being good stewards of our finances

-To expand our giving to more gospel workers around the world

-To demonstrate the love of God to every nation through local overseas believers

-To maximize the strength of the US dollar to multiply the work of the Lord in their countries.

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