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100% of donations are given to gospel workers ministering overseas.

​Wise Solution
of New Generation in Lebanon
January 2021 Newsletter 

​Rania, a converted Druze to Christ, ministers in the mountains of Lebanon to the Druze children and Syrian refugees.  She is the leader of Wise Solution of New Generation in Lebanon with a heart to see many children and adults come to experience the love of God through Jesus Christ.  She operates on very little support.

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Dickson Jurry
Libera Africa

​Brother Jurry leads a team of gospel workers in Liberia.  He teaches the youth about the forgiveness and the heart of God.  He uses sports and other means to reach the children for Christ. He is in need of Bibles and other discipleship supplies to teach the youth the ways of God.

We are always looking for support to help our fellow ministers in Christ


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The Lighthouse Cambodia
Pastor Paul Ai, an apostle of Jesus Christ travels throughout SE Asia planting  churches and preaching the gospel. He operates a refugee school called the Lighthouse in Cambodia for the  Vietnamese boat people. We support two of the gospel workers in the school.




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Gospel workers in the remote areas of Myanmar
Due to the recent political changes no information about this work will be posted on the internet but can be shared in person.
Feel free to contact me for more information 
All support for this ministry is now hand delivered 



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